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In my current position at MSU, I regularly teach Ethics of Healthcare and Ethical Issues of Feminism. I have also taught courses in Bioethics and Disability, Philosophy of Science, Ethics and Politics of Food, and Philosophy of the Body. For more info on MSU Philosophy courses, see here.

My teaching is grounded in my commitment to recognizing and supporting diversity in the classroom and in the profession. I employ a variety of activities in each class session, including small group discussions, independent work, and close reading activities to engage students with different learning styles, backgrounds, and career paths. I also assign readings by authors from diverse groups and incorporate diverse topics and themes into each of my courses to reflect students’ concerns and experiences.

My commitment to diversity in teaching also informs my engagement in pedagogical training and community. I am founder and former coordinator of the Diversifying Syllabi Reading Group, which was recommended as a diversity resource by the APA.